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A new, secure and easy-to-use digital platform where non-profits exchange their locally sourced auction items with other organizations nationwide and raise more money. Imagine the possibilities for your future auctions!

  • Freshen Up

    Freshen your auction package line up with Mission Limelight Exchange – your newest and favorite-ist resource to easily jazz up your line up with awesome auction packages!

  • Dramatically Increase

    Increase auction revenue potential and power bidding competition with packages that drive better than value sales.

  • Wow Your Audience

    Excite guests with an auction lineup that's full of pizzazz! Swap your 'seen that before' package for a "gotta have that" package and watch your auction's energy and bidding competition go through the roof!

  • Delight Your Donors

    Donors will love seeing their amazing contributions in front of new audiences in new locations. They’ll extend their reach to new people and different places, creating huge brand value and increasing their marketing efforts like never before!

Why Non-Profits Love Mission Limelight

  • The package we swapped with the Deschutes River Conservancy was the top money maker in our live auction. Exchanges work well for us!"

    Shanon D., Executive Director, Soldotna, AK Chamber of Commerce

  • Mission Limelight makes procuring new auction package experiences nationally and internationally accessible for all non-profits. It’s user-friendly and provides a great ROI."

    Bea A., Development Director, Deschutes River Conservancy

  • We exchanged a local package that wouldn’t have mass appeal to our audience, for one in an area our guests love to visit. Mission Limelight made it easy, and our audience loved it!"

    Mallory P., Executive Director, Oregon AgLink

See how Mission Limelight makes auctioning simple and fun.

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We improve non-profit auctions, build fundraising success and make it fun again!

We empower charities to maximize auction fundraising by transforming a clunky procurement process into an easy, modern system with our Limelight Exchange, with invaluable resources for both charities and donors.

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